Humanity, after a modern medieval-like intellectual slumber, turns its gaze to the stars and attempts a universal mission with the spacecraft Pytheas. The aim is to test a rational and strange but meaningful signal coming from the satellite of Mars, Deimos. Through contrariety of intent and disposition, the main hero seeks to find his identity as the story progresses. Present and past stories of love and discord, bliss and tragedy weave the content of an adventure in space – but without green monsters and extraterrestrial threats – which simultaneously also constitute a prospect for the future of humanity!

The mission, on reaching Deimos, discovers inexhaustible knowledge, becomes witness maybe of the most important fact in history of mankind and through this Knowledge humanity comes face to face with its own ego and its fears, acknowledges its mistakes, shakes them off trying to improve itself, now having a common goal, making the first step out of its platonic cave in an attempt to solve a puzzle with Greek characteristics.

Four hundred years later humanity discovers the solution to the puzzel through progress in science fields, and Jason, as a modern Argonaut, will lead humanity into unimaginable dimensions, giving radically new perspective on its future through Greek values and standards.

When the mission arrives at its destination, everyone is astonished by the foundings. Because of the impossibility to return to Earth, they decide to colonize the planet. But a part of the mission has its own plans and soon a war erupts. Among the good and the bad guys, among people who want to help and people who want to take advantage. A fight with titanic dimensions and weapons of war advanced science and technology that culminates indeed in an unmistakable victory of the forces of Good, since they have because of it, unparalleled intellectual capabilities and the defectors are punished with an innovative time penalty of exclusion!

By the end of the mission, in a general sense of betrayal, Jason’s questions are not fully answered! Knowledge and Universe are converted to identical concepts in an effort to understand the Infinite but within the limits of the existent world. Symbolic Myths of mankind now acquire scientific significance, contribute to evolution and reveal the Truth that all of us should be aware of: Only through Moderation and the study of our history, we can look to the future with optimism and vision …!

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