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STARISSE: The Advent of the Rock is a novel, whose content is placed in the imminent future. Hidden messages, philosophical implications and a vision pertaining to the evolution of humanity underlie the plot; the novel raises concerns about the history of human culture and its roots by means of mythological imagery, especially the ancient Greek one!
Its excellent and imaginative plot is maximized both by space/ time, where the facts and events occur, and by the surprising unexpectedness of those events and heroes. It is for this reason that we feel that it could be also an excellent scenario for the big screen or television.
It could be suggested that the novel, although classified as science fiction, is more “science” than pure fiction. There are allusions to space travel, concepts of time, Greek mythology, space structure, etc. the novel, whose plot is layered on a multilevel structure, is directed at both the common reader, who will pleasantly spend his time reading a fascinating story, and the “hip” reader, who will search for codes and mysteries, through symbolism and allegory.
In regard to science the story outlines vision and inspiration for the future, whereas in literature, it defines a new genre, which intertwines art, text and science in a many-layered creative whole, involving all those elements that constitute a best seller: Exciting plot, mystery, romance, science, codes, allegory, flash-back, a visualized journey to fantasy, identification with the heroes and finally catharsis!
Starisse is not only a fascinating work of literature for fun. It resembles a manual of philosophical thought, furnishing the reader with an innovative view of Greek mythology and raises questions such as:
What prospects are opening up for mankind, provided Science, Knowledge and Art are combined with the value system of the Greek thought?
What are the consequences, for the scientific community, of the lack of a value system, while knowledge is sought? What is the problem and why does it end up exploiting human nature?
What is Time and what is its scientific meaning?
Supposing one is given the opportunity to participate in such a trip, what part would they take?
What exactly do the names of heroes mean for us? Is Jason a random name or maybe something more than an Argonaut on a mission, a modern healer of our mental passions?

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