Yiannis Argyros

Yiannis Argyros was born in Athens in 1981. He studied Greek, German literature and linguistics at the University of Athens and he is now doing his PhD at the Technical University of Berlin in linguistics and didactics. He is interested in computer technology, music, ancient Greek literature and philosophy . He is living in Berlin the last 13 years.

Starisse is not just an exciting science fiction piece of literature, but also an expression of hope for the future of mankind, or likely a visible possible event of history from the past, in a cyclus pattern intented to be repeated in the future! The text suggests ideas about the future of mankind and has reading levels through its codes, symbolisms and philosophical connotations! A special code, developed, actually, in the context of our story comes to unite Science and Philosophy through a radical and subversive life experience with scientific implications, coded meanings and twists that transcend the boundaries of imagination and offer the reader the ultimate lifetime experience, of a spacetravel into the stars!

Y. Argyros


Yiannis Christodoulou

Yiannis Christodoulou was born in Thessaloniki in 1967. He studied Natural Sciences but decided to make a career as a professional pianist for over 30 years, although his keen interst have always remained with science. Yiannis also works as a video editor and a web designer. He lives in Rhodes with his family and he’s working as a pianist in a well known hotel.

The story of Starisse sets new paths in epic space literature, putting the bar very high. We could not claim it is just a science fiction story. It is more science than fiction… Behind the torso of a fictional story, allusions to topics of Physics, of space technology, of spacetime and of the universe are made that convert our story in a vision about the future, activating the imagination of the scientific world, providing ideas and inspiration.

Y. Christodoulou

authors of STARISSE